Fat & Lean Organizations

Fat & Lean Organizations

The definition of the word “Lean” is as follows according to the Google dictionary, “Thin, especially healthily so; having no superfluous fat”. James Womack’s book “The machine that changed the world” used word “Lean” to describe the Toyota Production System. If an organization to be termed as “Lean”, there has to be “Fat” in the organizations. How can someone determine the fattiness of an organization?. Before understanding the fattiness of an organization, let us look at ourselves as humans. For many of us, gaining fat is annoying

The Six Roles of a Lean Change Agent

The Six Roles of a “Lean Change Agent”

The role of a lean change agent is a critical role for an organization. A lean change-agent acts as a catalyst in an organizational transformation. This role is one of the most ill-defined designations in many organizations. Although many companies hesitant to allocate a full-time role to their hierarchy, those companies who adopted this role have yielded prominent results and success in organizational excellence. The following are some of the most prominent roles of a lean change agent.

Kaizen Culture

Power of Visual Boards in Gemba Walk

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