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Certification in Lean Management (TPS)

Lean Management also known as Toyota Production System (TPS) is considered as the world’s most successful strategy for operational excellence. This methodology was born, raised and evolved at Toyota Motor Corporation in Japan for seven decades and now being used as a strategic weapon for companies, governments and institutes around the world.

oyota Engineering Corporation (TEC) was established in early 2000 to popularize the Total Toyota Production System or Lean Management across the world. Currently, they have certified more than 5000 professionals across the globe.
The Instructors in TEC, who are referred to as “Lean Sensei”, possess more than 25 years of hands-on experience in developing, sustaining, and improving lean management concepts at Toyota and affiliated companies

Lean (TPS) certification provides the most authentic, up to date, practical knowledge and application on Toyota Production System (Lean Management).  Lean TPS Level IV certification is the initial step for manufacturing leaders to develop “must-know” practical skills on lean management.

Program Outcomes

Program Content

  • Introduction to Toyota Production System (Lean Management)
  • Revitalizing the workplace and opening up the creativity of your people
  • Working environment preparation & improvement techniques
  • Operation Kaizen
  • Q&A
  • Logistics Kaizen ( Continuous Improvement for Supply Chain)
  • Equipment Kaizen (Continuous Improvement for Machines)
  • Quality Kaizen (Continuous Improvement for Quality)
  • Advanced Kaizen (Continuous Improvement for Product Development)
  • Practical Simulation Session on TPS Simulation Kit
  • Conducted by ICEES Lean Coaches at Hotel Galadari
  • TPS Grade IV Examination (80 MCQs | 60 Mins)

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Program Schedule

Saturday 21st August :  9.00am – 01.00pm (SL Time)

Saturday 28th August :  9.00am – 01.00pm (SL Time)

Saturday 04th September :  9.00am – 01.00pm (SL Time)

Saturday 11th September :  9.00am – 01.00pm (SL Time)

Saturday 18th September :  9.00am – 5.00 pm – Learning Reflection & Practical Simulation Session

at Hotel Galadari – Colombo (Including Buffet Lunch and Snacks)

The exam will be held on Saturday 25th September at 10.00 am (80 MCQs | 60 Mins).

Prestigious  Certificate from Toyota Engineering Corporation

Learn from the WORLD'S BEST LEAN TPS Senseis

Meet Your Sensei

Tetsuo Arikawa

Former Head – Production Support –Toyota Motomachi |25 Years Senior Management Experience at Toyota Motor Corporation | Consultant – TPS TMS Training Institute

2016 – 2019: Toyota Motor Corporation, Toyota, Japan
Administration Division, Plant Supporting Section, Motomachi Plant

2011 – 2015: Production Manager, Sichuan Toyota Motor Co., Ltd. (China):
Supervising manufacturing, production control and logistics

2008 – 2010: Assistant Project Section Manager
Global Production Center

2005 – 2008: Plant Manager
GAC Toyota Motor Co., Ltd.(China)  Supervising production, quality control and manufacturing

2003 – 2004: Chief Expert : Global Production Center

Engaged in supporting the launch of a joint venture project with Guangzhou Automobile Group in China

1999-2002: Chief Expert Administration Division, Motomachi Plant
Engaged in supporting the launch of a joint venture project with Tianjin Automobile Industry Group in China

1995 – 1999: Chief Leader
Chassis Manufacturing Division, Honsha Plant

1991-1995: Production Engineering Division Ⅲ
Engaged in planning assembly process and promoting projects

1978-1991: Final Assembly Department, Honsha Plant
Engaged in controlling assembly line work as a member of Engineering Service Division

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TPS Grade System

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Innovation Center for Enterprise Excellence Solutions (ICEES) is a process innovation solutions provider specializes on Lean (Toyota Production System), Six Sigma and Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) concepts. Our vision is to enable potential by pioneering transformation for the good of individuals and enterprises. We deliver knowledge and solutions with our expert team that collectively possess 130+ years of hands on experience on enterprise transformation. To bring first hand lean knowledge, ICEES has partnered with Toyota Engineering Corporation in Japan.