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Training and certification

LEAN Training brings you the best  knowledge in Enterprise Excellence (Lean, Six Sigma, Agile & Industry 4.0) from globally recognized Institutes and Universities. Our highly experienced international and local Lean Transformation Coaches train, coach, and mentor you to transform yourself, your team, and your organization.

Transform You

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Even the best of the best in the world can have ample opportunities to improve. Our experts support you to analyze, prioritize and improve your current state to a streamlined, simplified, and lean future state. Our solutions unlock significant improvements in profitability while creating a continuous improvement culture in the organization.

Amplify You

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We believe that knowledge of lean management and enterprise excellence needs to be spread across every corner of the region. Our lean coaches spend their time writing and publishing articles and books in native languages. In addition, we have embarked on translating the world’s most respected literature in Lean and Enterprise Excellence into Sinhalese.

Why Us?​

Academically & Professionally Qualified

We are set of academically and professionally qualified business leaders with hands on experience on Enterprise transformation in various countries and industries

International Exposure

We have been exposed to latest and original enterprise excellence tools and methodologies from Japan, USA and Singapore

Tested & Proven Methodologis

We have tested & proven home grown expertise and access to original worldwide enterprise excellence knowledge sources to guide you in the journey of business transformation.

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