Toyota Management System

TMS (Grade IV) Certificate Program

By TMS TPS Certificate Institute & Toyota Engineering Corporation – Japan

Learn from the founders of Toyota Management System & Lean Management

Toyota’s automobile production method, known as the Toyota Production System (TPS), is renowned worldwide for its efficiency in improving quality, productivity, and delivery speed. While applying TPS to production and back-office functions, they developed Toyota Management System (TMS) to significantly improve productivity and reduce indirect costs in white-collar workplaces.

TMS is practiced by Toyota’s top management team, managers in production and indirect functions such as design, production preparation, and sales. This program will equip the participants with the TMS knowledge and skills to achieve improved results and transform your company into a stronger and better one.

The Toyota Management System (TMS) is a comprehensive approach to a management methodology that can be applied in any industry or workplace. TMS is the underlying management system of Toyota Production System (TPS), Toyota Development System (TDS) & Toyota Marketing & Sales System (TMSS) . In this program, you will learn how to “Yarigai,” or turn ideas into practice and achieve workplace satisfaction.

TMS boosts productivity and reduces indirect costs through the implementation of Visual Management Tools and a method for total management, which facilitates continuous improvement (Kaizen) in the workplace and creates a supportive environment for people.


C Suite, Director, Senior Managers, and Managers in Service & Manufacturing


Online (ZOOM) | 20 Hours | 5 Saturdays 


 Toyota Management System Text book 


Instructor-led training (Executive TMS Sensei)


Printed & Digital Certificates from TMS TPS Certificate Institute- Japan

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“Participating in this program helped me to get a deeper understanding of the Total Toyota Production System. Revitalization of the workplace and respect for people are two key takeaways for me. I started involving the people in my workplace in daily problem solving and was amazed at the number of kaizens that can be done on the shop floor. It was an honor to learn from Masters and the Toyota Engineering Corporation.”

Brial. J.L Pederson

Lean Specialist

Priess A/S Denmark

Key Learning  Outcomes

TMS Certification Journey

Toyota Management System Grade IV  Program Content

  • Introduction and Warm up Session
  • Getting to know Lean Management
  • Value, value-adding, and waste
  • Setting up a lean manufacturing process in a new facility
  • Value Stream Mapping for business
  • Important points to know when implementing lean management
  • Explanation of Lean Vocabulary
  • Practical challenges of lean implementation and how to overcome
  • What are Workplace Revitalization Actions?
  • TMS Core is an Action that Makes the Workplace Better
  • The “Way of Working” that will Become the Core
    WRAs Ideal Person
  • Q&A
  • Visualization of Action and the Theory of Visualization
  • Visualization of Actions – Planning and Development
  • Visualization of Actions – Daily Management
  • Visualization of Actions – Visualization of Work
  • Creating a Workplace (Team) – Communication
  • Creating a Workplace (Team) – Leadership
  • Creation of Value
  • Q&A
  • Continuous Improvement Mindset – Reflection
  • Continuous Improvement Mindset – Spotting the Unnecessary
  • Continuous Improvement Mindset – The 5S
  • Continuous Improvement Mindset – The Ability to Solve Problems
  • Work Quality – A Statistical Approach
  • Work Quality – A Self
  • Contained Process
  • Creation of Profit – A Plan to Produce Profit
  • Creation of Profit – Elevating Productivity
  • Q&A
  • WRA Introduction and Growth
  • Putting WRAs Into Practice
  • Regular Company Employees
  • The Nucleus – Management Staff
  • Evaluation of WRAs
  • Managerial Results
  • Case Study
  • Q&A
  • TMS Grade IV Examination (80 MCQs | 90 Mins)

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Prestigious  Certificate from Toyota Engineering Corporation

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Meet Your Sensei

Mr. Yasuhito Matsudaira

Senior Consultant at TMS & TPS Certificate Institute of Toyota Engineering Corp.

Worked in Toyota Motor Corp since 1979

After joining Toyota Motor Corp in 1979, Mr Matsudaira worked in the production technology and manufacturing division, starting as a technical expert in mechanical parts welding and integrated manufacturing processes in Japan.

Then he held positions as assistant director/ general manager in production preparation and technology development for resin parts, chassis parts, electronic parts, and final assembly lines.

He also served as a project leader in launching new vehicle plants in the United States and Canada. More recently, he worked as a representative vice president for Primearth EV Energy Co., a joint venture between Toyota Motor Corp and Panasonic that produces secondary batteries for vehicles.

In 2017, Mr Matsudaira became a senior consultant at Toyota Engineering Corp and Toyota Management Institute. Now he is using his expertise in TPS and TMS to serve many industries beyond the automotive sector.

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