Masterclass Certificate in Lean Leadership

Masterclass Certificate in Lean Leadership

What is Lean Leadership?

Lean Leadership is one of the most discussed concepts in today’s business world. With the global demand for lean leaders for businesses, International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has developed a specific guideline for lean leadership in ISO 18404.

A lean leader is someone who enables a continuous learning culture across the organization by creating customer value at the lowest possible cost. Lean leadership is developed through constant lean management habits and routines of practice. The lean leader is more of a teacher than a manager. If you are determined to make the methodology work in your organization, you need to encourage your team to continuously improve both their hard and soft skills. The role of a lean leader is built around 5 values.

What You Will Learn in the Masterclass

  1. It is all about Lean Leadership.
    • Who is a lean leader? Why lean leader is required and what is in it for your organization
  2. Basics about lean management.
    • What are Value, Wastes, and Value-Adding Activities? How to create value innovation for your organization? You will understand how to differentiate value and waste with examples
  3. Setting up the true north vision.
    • What is the true north vision? Elements of an operational strategy. Difference between traditional operational strategy and lean operational strategy.
    • Toyota Kata, the secret of the continuous improvement strategy
    • Set up your operational vision
  4. Understanding the Target Condition and Current State
    • Defining current state with Value Stream Mapping, Process Mapping, and Loss Analysis.
    • You will learn how to do a simple process map with a video example
  5. Developing Strategic A3s
    • What are the elements in a Strategic A3 – What, Why, Rationale for Future Activities, Action plan, and Check & Adjust
    • Practical application of A3 to your strategy
  6. Visual Management
    • What is Visual Management and Benefits
    • Visual Display and Visual Control
    • Detail example of visual management in a business environment
  7. Hoshin Kanri – Policy Deployment
    • What is Hoshin Kanri
    • How to do a Hoshin Kanri for your organization
    • A practical example to develop your Hoshin Kanri
  8. Daily Management Techniques
    • How to develop continuous improvement habit
    • Eight habits of a lean leader
      • Leaders standard work
      • Gemba Walk
      • Gemba Kaizen
      • Problem Solving
      • Coaching & Mentoring
      • A3 Reviews
      • Nemawashi
      • Learn Something New
    • You will learn Gemba Kaizen and Problem Solving with a detailed example.

Method of Evaluation

  • 50 Question MCQ (Online Examination)
  • Assignments
    • Develop the operational vision for your organization
    • Develop one strategic A3 for identified gaps
    • Do one Gemba Kaizen for your area

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Earn Your Certificate

What is in It for You?

  • Successfully steer Lean Transformation effort to create adaptive, competitive, and agile organizations with considerable impact on the profitability
  • Activate human creativity and capabilities while connecting all the teams (support and manufacturing) vertically and horizontally to create a psychologically safe innovative culture
  • Developing sustainable systemic routines of continuous improvement to create a unique competitive advantage in quality, delivery, and cost

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Feedback from Our Previous Participants

"A very good program, brilliantly delivered by the resource team. A very practical program. Experience of the trainers, make the program even more interesting and easy to understand. I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to start on a LEAN Journey "
"It is good to see that ICEES is continuing to conduct this training program. I believe this is one of the most important training programs I attended in the recent years. It opened up a whole new world for me. The program was packed with information, insights, strategies, tools and action items. As my background is in software development and I'm not familiar with the management and leadership in factories and service companies I had my own set of challenges when understanding some of the concepts. Asanka Henegedara and Lapitha Gunasinghe were always happy to answer my questions and show me how I can adapt these to my day to day work. I loved the practical nature of the training and how the conducted it. And I'm really glad I got the opportunity to join the very first batch. Lean leadership is not only for manufacturing - it can help in any company in industry. It is a must if you want yourself and your company to be extraordinary."
"Actually this is an Important Training program. Those who are interested in Lean Leadership, this is the best training you can have. Based on Trainers hands on experiences , We can learn a lot of new things which are not in books . I can recommend this as an Exceptional Training program."

Why Lean Leadership?

70% of Lean transformation efforts fail in the world and burn millions of dollars and resources. And about 46% of the failures are due to a lack of leadership. Many organizations start lean as a strategic initiative with a lot of glamour and focus. However, they fail to keep the momentum and after few months things start to fall apart. In many cases, systems go back to the usual way of working while in some scenarios things end up in a more chaotic phase than before.

Many Traditional leaders do not know how to harness the creativity of shop-floor teams for organizational growth. They think they hired hands and legs but forget about the brains of their team. Hence, they miss out on great opportunities to improve collectively. If the leaders do not create a culture that encourages thinking and learning, such cultures become toxic and psychologically unsafe to work.

Continuous Improvement mindset is a pivotally important factor in building unique operational capabilities which can not be imitated by the competition. However, many traditional leaders do not possess a continuous improvement mind. Most of them rely on technical innovation alone that often provides only a temporary competitive advantage. The results of continual cost reduction and quality improvement are difficult to copy. When they only put effort to improve when there is an urgency, then the company becomes very reactive and vulnerable. Any process is either slipping back or being improved and the best way to avoid slip back is to keep moving forward. 

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Receive Your Lean Leader’s Organizer

Lean Leader’s Organizer (LLO) assists you to plan, track, and self-improve new lean leadership habits and routines. We will send your copy of LLO to your doorstep when you register with the Masterclass of Lean Leadership. A lean leader is someone who enables a continuous learning culture across the organization by creating customer value at the lowest possible cost. Lean leadership is developed through constant lean management habits and routines of practice. The leader’s behavior is a key success factor in a lean transformation initiative.

Lean Leader’s Organizer 2021 comprises of Vision painting space, Gap identification space, 4 Strategy A3 planners, Annual planning board, Monthly activity prioritization space, Lean Leadership models and instructions, Daily habit planner & tracker with one week per two pages, Lean Leadership habit score indicator, Weekly habit score graph, Monthly self-reflection (Hansei) guidelines, Quarterly self-assessment, 24 Five Why and Gemba Kaizen formats and Blank notes pages. These are systematically structured with guidelines for any leader to intuitively assist them in planning, tracking, and improving essential lean leadership habits.

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Meet Our Senior Lean Coaches

Lapitha Gunasinghe

( TPS Instructor| MBA (ICFAI)| Industrial Eng (IMS)/Lean Black Belt/ Six Sigma Black Belt|)

  • Director – ICEES Global
  • Former Vice President – Lean Enterprise, inQube Global (Pvt) Ltd
  • Former Country Manager, Quantum Apparel Cambodia
  • Former General Director/ Head of Operations, Hop Lun Vietnam (Pvt) Ltd
  • Former Deputy General Manager – Lean Enterprise, MAS Holdings (Pvt) Ltd
  • former Manager – Lean Implementation, Walmart Global Sourcing (Pvt) Ltd, Bangladesh
  • Former Snr Industrial Engineer, MAS Linea Aqua (Pvt) Ltd
  • 20 years of working Experience in Manufacturing and driving Enterprise Excellence in Maldives, Bangladesh, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Cambodia and Sri Lanka.
  • Have been mentored by Japanese & American Toyota consultants for 10 years. Being Trained in Japan at AOTS Chubu Kenshu Center, Nagoya and Toyota Engineering Corporation (TEC). Exposure in Toyota Manufacturing, Warehousing and Distribution Facilities, Nagoya
  • Lean Black Belt – MAS Holdings
  • Certified TPM Instructor – Japanese Institute of Plant Maintenance (JIPMs)
  • Conducted workshops and training in MAS Lean Academy and Headed Blue Belt Training Program
  • Successfully facilitated several continuous improvement projects and process innovation in different industries

Asanka Henegedara

(Certified TPM Instructor MBA(PIM)|BSc Eng| ACMA| CGMA |Lean Six Sigma Black Belt)

  • Director – ICEES Global
  • Led multiple lean initiatives in Overall Lean Transformation and Special Tools including New Product Development, Quick Changeover and Total Productive Maintenance at MAS Group Lean Enterprise & Divisional Lean Enterprise for 9 years
  • Has been mentored by Japanese Toyota consultants for 4 years
  • Being Trained in Japan at Toyota Engineering Corporation (TEC), Nagoya; AOTS Chubu Kenshu Center, Nagoya; Exposure in Toyota Manufacturing, Warehousing and Distribution Facilities, Nagoya
  • Conducted more than 100 workshops and trainings on Yellow Belt, Blue Belt, Green Belt, Advanced 5S, 8 Step Problems Solving and Value Stream Mapping, Total Productive Maintenance
  • Experience in lean maturity assessments in 40+ textile and apparel plants in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Indonesia
  • Possess MBA from Postgraduate Institute for Management (PIM), Bsc Engineering from University of Moratuwa and ACMA/CGMA from CIMA.
  • Exposure to state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities such as Toyota Corporation in Japan and India
  • Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and TPM Practitioner (JIPM)

More About Lean Leadership

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