Certified Lean Industrial Engineering Professional (CLIEP)

Your Journey to Become a Hyper Productive Industrial Engineer Starts Today!

Certified Lean Industrial Engineering Professional (CLIEP) is a uniquely designed program that is aligning with ISO 18404 Lean Practitioner competencies. After the completion of CLIEP certification, You will gain relevant in-depth knowledge in lean management with respect to industrial engineering applications. 

In just 3 months you will be able to..

  1. Double the productivity in your work without investing more dollars or spending over time!

  2. Get noticed in your workplace for delivering extraordinary results and become a catalyst of change that your organization is looking for!

  3. Accelerate your career growth and become relevant even you have focused on one job for too long!

  4. Become a practicing expert in all lean techniques relevant to Industrial Engineering that are applicable in any industry.

  5. Receive the CLIEP certificate in compliance with ISO 18404 and expand your network by joining with CLIEP community. 

Say Goodbye to Five Deadly Mistakes by Traditional IEs

  1. IEs work hard on improving processes, saving process time, and making work easier but struggle to connect these benefits with financial bottom-line impact. And most of them struggle to justify the improvements to the finance team at the end of the year. 

  2. IEs become victims of daily fire-fighting and lose focus on the core work of process improvement.  Some of them just assist operation teams to run daily operations and regret later, for not utilizing the engineering skills to better the workplace. 

  3. IEs become obsessed with tools, techniques, and databases and lose sight of the big picture. Some of them struggle to identify strategic issues to focus on and may focus too much on tactical improvements. 

  4. IEs do not proactively create an opportunity to structurally showcase the improvements made by them to the top management. Although many industrial engineers assume that the top management is aware of the work they do, it is wrong. 

  5. IEs tend to stagnate in their careers as they specialize in one industry and few IE tools. 

What You Will Learn & Practice in the Program

  • Introduction to Lean (Waste, Ohno, Gemba Kaizen) – 1 Day
  • 5S & Visual Factory for Industrial Engineering – 0.5 Days
  • Lean Process Mapping for Industrial Engineering – 0.5 Days
  • Standardized work type I, II, III, Lean Layout, Yamazumi & Ergonomics – 1 Day
  • Job Instruction Training & Multiskilling – 0.5 Days
  • Systematic 8 Step Problem Solving – 1 Day
  • Simultaneous Engineering, New Product Development & Quick Changeover – 1 Day
  • Introduction to TPM & Industry 4.0 – Day 0.5
Venue – Hotel Galadari | Colombo ( Buffet Lunch, Morning & Evening Snacks are Included)
Time – 9.00 AM – 5.00 PM
Period – 6 Consecutive Saturdays > 6 week Study Leave >  Examination & Project Review
Investment – LKR 70,000
Next Batch Starts on – 8th May 2021
Registration Deadline – 28th April 2021

Experience the Simulation-Based Learning

You will have the most interactive training experience with factory simulations, case studies, discussions, personal coaching and role-based training.

Now It's Time to Try Something New!

Are you tired of using same set of techniques and tools every day at your work? Time-study, work study, motion analysis, balancing charts.. the list goes on. You may have achieved good productivity improvements in your work area. But now it is the time to achieve something great! Say NO to the boring stagnation and look at your processes with a total new lean perspective. Transform yourself, your team and your organization by creating significant and sustainable improvements.  Get noticed for your remarkable extraordinary achievements. Shed a new light for your career ladder and accelerate your growth to reach to the dreams of your life.

Meet the Expert Trainer Panel

Sujeewa Waidyathilake

Sujeewa Waidyathilaka (Bsc. Eng (Moratuwa), MBA Former Lean & Industrial Engineering Manger with 23 years of experience at MAS Holdings

Lasitha Balasooriya

Lasitha Balasooriya (Bsc. Eng (Moratuwa), MMM) Senior Manager Engineering – Camso Loadstar.

Lapitha Gunasinghe

Lapitha Gunasinghe (MBA, Lean Black Belt) Director at ICEES Global and former Vice President – Lean Transformation

Asanka Henegedara

Asanka Henegedara (Bsc Eng (Moratuwa), MBA (PIM), ACMA)) Director at ICEES Global with and visiting faculty Lean Management at University of Moratuwa

Companies Who Trusted Our Solutions

When You Become a CLIEP, You Will be Able to

  1. Reduce throughput time by developing a waste-free, pull system enabled, inventory optimized lean layouts for any process
  2. Improve Value Adding Activity % by using lean deep observation techniques (Ohno Circles, Gemba Walk) to identify hidden wastes in any process
  3. Improve quality and speed of team members by developing Lean Standardized Work Sheets  Type 1, 2 and 3
  4. Improve flexibility of processes by identifying optimum layouts with cellular manufacturing and dancing module concepts
  5. Significantly improve productivity by developing Yamazumi (Line Balancing) charts, Work combination charts, Calculate takt times and improve the balancing using Gemba kaizen techniques
  6. Improve training time of people by using Job Instruction Training (JIT) methodologies
  7. Reduce recurring issues by conducting scientific problem-solving at the rate of production  
  8. Improve and optimize change over with Quick Changeover methodologies
  9. Improve and eliminate information lags in  factory integration using Simultaneous Engineering techniques
  10. Create significant improvements in the product development lead-time with New Product Development concepts
  11. Improve overall quality by assisting six sigma techniques for any process
  12. Eliminate and reduce losses by understanding the machine related losses with OEE thinking
  13. Reduce machine downtime by assist maintenance and engineering divisions on establishing “Like New Condition” and “Autonomous Maintenance” 
  14. Enable fast decision making by implementing a visual management environment to quickly understand and address tactical and operational issues.

Path to Certification

In order to align with the certification guidelines, the participants must complete the written examination and assignments at the given standards.

Examination : 3-hour onsite written examination (40% of total marks). 

Assignments : 5 Individual assignments that need to be conducted in their respective working environment. The assignments will be reviewed by ICEES Lean coaches within 3 months of the course completion. (60% of total marks)

To qualify as a Certified Lean Industrial Engineering Professional, a candidate must score 75 or above in final marks. 

The candidates who could not secure 75 marks can re-sit one more written examination and resubmit assignments one time for reconsideration.

Those who could not achieve 75 marks, but score over 40 marks upon consecutive attempts, will be awarded Masterclass Certificate in Lean Industrial Engineering.

Apply Now

ICEES global announces the CLIET course commencing dates well in advance. Please follow the website, Facebook and  Linkedin pages for you to keep updated. If you are interested in joining next CLIET batch, please contact below now.

  • Kapila Hewagama – Manager | ICEES Academy 
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  • Email – info@iceesglobal.com
Further information
  • Asanka Henegedara – Director | ICEES Academy
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